Bali, an island full of colors


Balinese wear the most beautiful traditional clothes during religious ceremonies or to attend a wedding for example. Balinese women would look almost like princesses in their brightly colored outfits. For the men's an aura of serenity emerges from them. Behind these colors, there’s a signification.

For women, hair is important. In order to look like the beautiful Drupadi Princess, the bun is the favorite hairstyle of the Balinese. According to tradition, all women must carefully tie their hair, for those with short hair locks of hair are added. They must tie their hair so that they don’t fall into the area of ​​the temples and preserve the sacral temple. For special events, such as a wedding, their tooth filing, a lot of golden metal flowers are stitched into their hair.

Before women were dressed in a long piece of cloth, more than three meters, around their chest, called sabuk. Nowadays, the Balinese wear the kebaya, beautiful long-sleeved shirts, colorful lace and transparent, and below the corsets. With fashion, the shirts become shorter and now reaches the elbow. Around the waist, they wear a sarong, a piece of cloth carried to the ankles, and finally the selendang, the belt is tied to it.

Always well assorted, the whole is very colorful!
The traditional men's outfit consists of a white shirt and a kamben around the waist and covered with another slightly shorter fabric of another color called the saput. The traditional belt is put on the shirt. The Balinese carry the turban on their head, this one is a udang with two petals symbolizing good and evil.

Originally, the kebaya must be of the color of purity and glory, white symbolize purity and yellow triumph. It’s only during cremation that the Balinese women wear dark colors. However, exceptions are made according to castes.

Today, the Balinese follow more fashion, luxury, and this is felt according to social status.