Balinese babies are sacred



Bali babies don’t start off life on the right foot, or even on the left!

Indeed, in traditional villages, Balinese babies are not allowed to touch the ground until they are three months old. This practice comes from the belief that newborns are sacred and deserve to be treated with veneration. The result is that babies are constantly being carried by their mothers or close family members. Besides the spiritual connection, wouldn’t it be nice to be cuddled all the time?



After 105 days a special ceremony named Nyabutan or Nyambutin is held to celebrate the baby finally touching Mother Earth. A priest is invited to lead the ceremony, and there are various purification rituals, chantings, and blessings. The priest blesses the baby with holy water, and allow the baby’s feet to finally touch the floor. When the baby's feet touch the ground for the very first time, it symbolizes that he is now a full and real human.