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Bali Home Immo offers a selection of villas for rent monthly on the island of Sumbawa. This is located east of Lombok and west of Komodo Island. Much less frequented by tourists than Bali or Lombok, you can discover Indonesian culture and be immersed in the authenticity of this country. 

You will be able to discover sublime landscapes on the island of Sumbawa. You will have the opportunity to discover paradisiacal beaches, but also landscapes shaped by volcanoes. In particular, you can climb the Tambora volcano, which rises to a height of 2800 metres. You can then enjoy a breathtaking view of the island and its many treasures. 

On Sumbawa Island you will find all the amenities you may need: pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, and others. You can also enjoy typical restaurants to immerse yourself more in the heart of Sumbawa’s authentic culture. Enjoy a Nasi or a Mie goreng will probably become your daily routine for starters while you are still adapting the traditional cuisines. You can also vary your activities by trying your hand at surfing, or by enjoying walks in the heart of nature. 

Far from the crowded tourists, Sumbawa Island is authentic and will allow you to recharge your batteries. If you want to be in the heart of a peaceful and quiet environment, Sumbawa Island is for you!