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Bali Home Immo offers many other properties for sale in leasehold; Hotels, guest-houses and restaurants. The leasehold is a different contract from the freehold sale.  A foreigner cannot become the owner of a property in Indonesia unless he makes a leasehold contract. This contract, which is a kind of long-term lease, allows you to become the owner over a given period, usually 25 years. The lease is generally renewable and the leasehold contract can be for 80 years. At the end of the lease period, the property reverts to the owner. 

If you decide to invest in a leasehold hotel or restaurant, you will become the owner for the entire period of the contract and you will enjoy the benefits but also the obligations of such a contract. You will be able to make renovations or changes to these properties without any worries since during the period of the lease, the property is yours. 

 We have many other properties for sale in leasehold in different areas of the island. You can find commercial premises in the south of the island in the towns of Canggu and Seminyak known for their perfect surfing beaches and internationally renowned beach clubs. If you want to invest in a tourist and cosmopolitan area these two cities are ideal. We also offer other types of properties in quieter and typical areas such as Pererenan, Kerobokan or Umalas, these areas are perfect if you want peace and charm while being less than ten minutes by scooter from the most famous places in Bali such as the Finns or La Brisa. 
If you are looking for more outlying areas we offer properties in the Tanah Lot or Tabanan areas. These less touristy areas have many assets to invest in. 
We also offer properties in other areas of the island such as Sanur; known for its calm and serenity, Ubud; known for its lush vegetation and its large community based around yoga and wellness, Uluwatu; in the extreme south of Bali where we find completely different landscapes than on the rest of the island.
Finally Bali Home Immo offers you other types of properties on the islands surrounding Bali such as the Gili Islands known for their famous snorkeling spots, Nusa Penida which has seen an increase in tourism over the last few years or Lombok which is a much wilder and more unspoiled island than Bali.  

By choosing to invest in a property with Bali Home Immo you are sure to find the property of your dreams all over the island and much more!